You finally got your annual exam. So what should you do for your health now?

Mostly likely, your doctor will follow up with you about any test results that fall outside what is considered normal for your age and health history.

There are also some things you may have talked to your doctor about during your annual exam that you need to follow up on after your visit.


Annual exams offer an opportunity to check in about medicines you already take and find out if you need any new medicine. 

Some things you may talk to your doctor about include:

  • Are you still getting the desired effects from the medicines you’re already taking?
  • Would a different dose or format be better? Sometimes medications come out with extended release options, or generic versions come to market.
  • If you need to start or stop taking a medication, is there a process for that? Some medications may need to be started at a low dose and then increased.

If you have any changes to your medicines, be sure to follow your doctor’s directions.

And remember to check your pharmacy and drug list on* before you update and fill prescriptions.

Diet Changes

Did your doctor suggest any changes to your diet? Less salt? More fiber? Higher water intake? Less caffeine or alcohol?

If you feel like you need help making these changes, ask. Your doctor or other health care provider might have tools to help.

You might also go online for ideas and tools. This could be a great opportunity to check out Well OnTarget®** and Blue365® for health trackers, recipes, and discounts on diet plans and aids like food scales.


Did you and your doctor discuss exercise as something you should start, change or stop? If you need to start or increase your exercise, consider asking a family member, friend or even a co-worker to work out with you. Committing to getting together on a regular basis can help you improve your health and keep in touch with your favorite people.
We also have resources to help. Check out Blue365 for discounts on a fitness tracker or other fitness gear. Go to Well OnTarget for tips and tools like health assessments and trackers.

Need Specialist Appointments or Follow-up Tests?

If your annual exam turns up a need for more tests or opinions, remember to check Provider Finder® before making any appointments.

You can find specialists in your network and learn a bit about them. Keep in mind that under some plans, you may need your doctor to provide a referral to see a specialist.