Skateboards. Bikes. Sports. Germ-filled classrooms. It’s rare for a child to get through childhood and the teen years without a sniffle, a sore throat, and maybe a banged-up knee or elbow.

As your child gets older and more active, play may come with a price, like fractured or broken bones. That’s why one of the first items parents-to-be put on their to-do list is “find a pediatrician.” Whether your child is age 6 months, 6 years or 16 years, you’ll want a health care professional who knows your child when he or she gets sick or hurt.

Even if your child is healthy, you’ll want to visit your pediatrician on a regular basis. Your pediatrician can help you track your child’s growth and development and note any issues or concerns. The pediatrician can help you keep your child healthy and help develop good habits for life.

Making sure you have health care coverage may be one of the most important things you can do for your child’s well-being, now and in the future. Individual and family plans from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) cover essential health benefits, such as preventive, wellness, pediatric and emergency services. A health care plan for your child will even cover seasonal flu shot and shots for school. These services are important for helping to keep your kids healthy. 

Need Help Paying for Health Care Coverage?

As you shop for a health care plan for your family, pay close attention to cost and whether your child’s doctor is in network. When you’re ready to shop, you’ll be able to see what plans fit your budget and your child’s needs by entering basic information at our website.

If you want to add a dependent to your plan outside of open enrollment, you will need to qualify for a special enrollment period (SEP) or wait until the next open enrollment. Children allowed as dependents include children by birth, adoption, foster placement or other legal guardianship. Documentation may be required. See for more details.

When you provide details like your family size, ZIP Code and income, you’ll be able to see if you may be able to get federal financial assistance.

A premium tax credit is a credit through the marketplace based on your income that lowers your monthly premium payment.

Before you choose a plan, make sure your pediatrician is in your plan’s network. Use our Provider Finder® tool to review the doctors in each plan’s network. Log in to Blue Access for MembersSM and click on the Find a Doctor or Hospital tab to access the tool.

Having a health care plan is a pretty big deal when it comes to raising your kids. You can’t protect your children from everything. But having health care coverage can help put your mind at ease. When you’re ready to shop, you’ll be able to see what plans fit your budget and your child’s needs by entering basic information on our website.