This article is intended for HMO members enrolled in an employer health insurance plan.

Need blood work? An X-ray or MRI? As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois HMO member, you can get them with no copay when you visit an in-network health care provider.*

If you have special needs, you may also access home health care and other benefits. 

Make sure you’re taking advantage of all your benefits. To get started, ask your employer for your Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC). Your SBC is a guide to the benefits offered by your health plan.

Your SBC has everything you need to know about your plan. Learn more about:

  • Services covered by your plan
  • Services not covered by your plan
  • Cost-sharing provisions and exclusions
  • Coverage examples
  • Our customer service number and website

Start making the most of your benefits. Request a copy of your SBC today.