Deciding where to go for care can be difficult. But finding everything you need to make an informed health care decision doesn’t have to be.

Our Provider Finder® tool has all the information about the providers and hospitals in your network, and now it’s even easier to use.

Find the Information You Need

We’ve simplified our Provider Finder tool to help you get the information you need quickly and easily. The result is a better experience that will help you be an educated health care shopper.

Updates include:

  • A new look that makes the website easier to use
  • Filters at the top of the page allowing you to search for your specific needs
  • Enhanced maps make it easier to find providers based on location
  • An improved provider comparison page with information such as quality ratings and member reviews, which allows you to compare providers and hospitals side-by-side

To access Provider Finder, log into Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM). After you log into BAM, click the Doctors and Hospitals tab. Go to Search for Providers, then Find a Doctor or Hospital.

Shop Smart

Costs can differ greatly among providers for the same procedure. This can dramatically affect how much you pay for health care. By doing some research before you select a provider or hospital, you may be able to save on out-of-pocket costs.

It’s a good idea to ask your provider how much they charge every time you need a test, image or procedure. If you are referred to a provider or facility by your doctor, ask your doctor’s office to give you two or three options and check the costs.

Depending on your plan, you may also have access to cost information* through Provider Finder. When you search for a procedure, cost information will be displayed in easy-to-find sections of the page if you have this option. You may see an estimated cost range near the top of the page. Specific information, including an estimated cost and whether the provider or hospital is in-network, may also be displayed for each option.

Knowing your options can save you time and money. Provider Finder is one quick — and now easier — way to understand your options and make the right decisions for you and your family.