Knowing when to seek help for mental health concerns is not always easy. Keeping tabs on how you’re feeling can help, but not everyone likes to keep a diary or journal. That’s where simple trackers like the Stress and Sleep trackers in the Well onTarget portal can come in handy.


Tracking Stress

You may not have words to describe how stressed you are or why, but you can track your stress level by logging in at You can choose to track every day or a few times a week. Over time, you may see a pattern that helps you understand what raises your stress levels or when you need to get some help.


Tracking Sleep

Sleep isn’t just important for physical health. How much or how well you are (or are not) sleeping can affect your mental health as well. It isn’t easy to remember how you’re sleeping day to day, but tracking your sleep can help you figure out the amount of sleep you’re getting over time.


Earn Points to Stay Motivated

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a little easier with motivation. That’s why we offer the Blue PointsSM program to help you reach your wellness goals. With the Blue Points program, you will be able to earn points for regularly participating in many different healthy activities. For example:

  • Tracking your progress toward your goals in the Well onTarget Member Wellness Portal earns 10 points, up to a maximum of 70 points per week.
  • Connecting a compatible fitness device or app to the portal earns 2,675 points.
  • Tracking progress using a synced fitness device or app earns 55 points per day.
You can redeem these points in the online shopping mall, which offers a wide variety of merchandise.