Use for 24/7 Pharmacy and Drug List Details

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Use for 24/7 Pharmacy and Drug List Details

You can find pharmacy and drug information while you’re traveling with is the website for Prime Therapeutics, which manages your drug benefit.

ER vs. Urgent Care: Summer Edition

Choosing between an ER and urgent care can make a difference to your health and your wallet. Many summer activities may lead to having to make this decision.

Protect Your Child's Health with Preventive Services

These summer months without hectic school schedules offer a good chance to take care of kids’ wellness exams. Get tips for preparing for your visit.

What Are Your Rights and Responsibilities as an HMO Member?

As a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois HMO member, you have certain rights and responsibilities. They are designed to help you get the most out of your health benefits.

Use Those Essential Health Benefits - They're Essential!

There’s a reason preventive services are part of Essential Health Benefits. They are essential to your health! Don’t forget them and miss out on your plan benefits. Learn more.

We're Helping Hospitals Improve Surgical Care

We’re working with the Illinois Surgical Quality Improvement Collaborative (ISQIC) to improve surgical care. The ISQIC aims to reduce the length of hospital stays, the frequency of repeat visits for the same issue and preventable deaths.

Meet Your New and Improved Explanation of Benefits

Your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) has a fresh new design to help you better understand your health care spending. Learn more.

Keeping a Medical History Provides a Roadmap to Better Care

It’s important to keep your doctor up to speed on your health and medical history. The more your doctor knows about you, the better care you’ll get. Learn more.

Take Your Health Personally - Take the Health Assessment

You may be surprised what you can learn, and earn, by taking the Well onTarget® Health Assessment.

Need Help Managing a Chronic Medical Condition?

Navigating the health care system can be challenging when you have a chronic or serious medical condition. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has a solution.

Who Makes Decisions About My Health Care?

You and your doctor decide on your health care treatment.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Annual Exams

Take advantage of preventive care services to help catch health problems early — before they become serious. You may save money, too. Learn more.

Plan for a Year of Good Health

Make preventive care a priority: schedule your annual exam and preventive health screenings for you and your family. Check out our wellness guidelines for adults and children. Learn More.

Check Out Some Features of Your 2017 Health Plan

How well do you know your new 2017 health coverage? Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Pharmacy Network Changes May Help You Save Money

Does your 2017 health plan have a Preferred Pharmacy network? Using participating pharmacies could save you money. Find out about 2017 prescription drug benefit changes.

Our Team’s Mission Is to Help Members in All Seasons of Life

Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Seasons of Life team helps families who have lost a loved one navigate their health insurance paperwork. The team also helps out members who have suffered losses or been displaced or injured during disasters, like floods, storms or fires. Learn More.

We Respect Your Right to Privacy

We know your privacy is important to you. It’s important to us, too. That’s why we make sure it’s protected. Learn More.

Wondering If a New Treatment Is Right for You?

Are you curious about a new treatment? Would it help you? Do your benefits cover it? Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois monitors the latest medical advancements that might help you stay healthy. Learn More

Members Can Save on Cord Blood Storage with Blue365®

Each year, thousands of people with leukemia, lymphoma or certain immune system or genetic metabolic disorders need umbilical cord blood or bone marrow transplants. And you can save on cord blood storage with Blue365. Learn More

Need Reconstructive Surgery After a Mastectomy? You're Covered

It’s normal to be anxious if you find out you need to have a mastectomy. But you may find some comfort in knowing that your health plan benefits will cover reconstructive surgery after your mastectomy. Learn more.

Women: Choose Your Own Woman's Principal Health Care Provider

Women who have a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois HMO health plan can choose a Woman’s Principal Health Care Provider (WPHCP) for their care. What does a WPHCP do? Learn more.

BCBSIL Helps Create Safe Play Spaces for Kids

Giving children chances to play at a young age can instill the importance of being active and help make exercise part of their daily lives. That's why Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois partners with KaBOOM! and local communities to provide safe play spaces for kids.

HMO Members: Get Help When You Need It Most

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois has a special program to help you manage complex health problems. Learn more about Complex Case Management.

Be Prepared for an Emergency

Get tips on how to prepare for an emergency before a crisis happens. Get tips on how to prepare for an emergency before a crisis happens.

Get the Most Mileage from Your Physical Therapy

Injuries can be an unfortunate part of enjoying summer activities. If they happen, physical therapy may be helpful. Get tips for making the most of physical therapy appointments.

Need to See a Dermatologist? We've Got You Covered

Annual visits to check for signs of skin cancer are a must. If you need to see a dermatologist, check out our tips to prepare for the visit.

Get Our Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Health Plan

Are you taking advantage of everything your Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) health plan offers? Get our handy list of tips and resources to help you make the most of your plan.

Low Back Pain and Imaging Tests: Know the Facts

When it comes to treating back pain, are you making the right choices? The Choosing Wisely® program urges patients to talk with their doctors about all the care options.